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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Cathy Shaidle on how to steal while Burka clad”

  1. Simple solution, enforce our laws that ban anyone concealing their identity in public.

    Personally I hope the “burka” robberies continue and increase until the idiots in government are forced to enforce the no concealment of identity in public law.

  2. Diary, December 6, 2011

    Was much intrigued to see last evening on The Source, a Depiction of a Robbery of Jewels by men clad in Burkas.

    Mr. Levant makes the point that, in our Society, which has been bullied into certain Idiocies of Correctness, the Owner of a Jewellery Store may be faced with a difficult Decision: Prudence would dictate an immediate Alarm at the Entry of those wearing Masks, but the Terror of Political Correctness, enforced by our beloved Human Rights Commissions, forces him to a State of uncomfortable Inaction, and immediate Vulnerability.

    The unworkable Ideal of Multiculturalism, in which the Practices of every Culture are deemed to be equally worthy has a high Price.

    While Government Interference in Manner of Dress should be minimal, it would appear that public Nudity and the public Masking of Faces are areas of reasonable Restriction. Nor, indeed, would draconian Laws be necessary in the Matter of Cultural Masking. Requirement that Faces be shown in all Government Offices and Interactions with Government Personnel–such as Policemen–would be an effective Start.

    We do not see why it should not also be entirely acceptable for private Businesses to bar Entry to those wearing Masks. We would see this as “Discrimination” on perfectly reasonable Grounds of Security.

    We wonder whether, had not our Freedom of Speech been so severely curtailed, private Comments and Ridicule would by now have ensured the virtual Disappearance of cultural Masks, and a greater Harmony of Interaction among Citizens would have been obtained. The Message of the Mask is: keep out, and keep away; I am an Island, entire of myself, not a piece of the Continent, or part of the main. (See Weekly Quotation, November 2, 2011)

    Dr. Idel Dreimer

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