Cassias Clay speaks on race relations to the BBC in the 1970s

I don’t actually agree with him entirely. He confuses race, culture and religion, which, I grant you, can be used interchangeably at times and then not at others. But when one does or does not is critical. It is fascinating to hear someone on the BBC speak plainly about issues which would land you solidly in a political re-education camp today or jail or certain career-death in any case. Of course, we call it sensitivity training nowadays but political re-education is political re-education no matter how nice you make it sound. Today of course in any Western city you do see the kind of couples he says cannot exist with their children and proudly. But nonetheless, this is a great blast from the past.

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8 Replies to “Cassias Clay speaks on race relations to the BBC in the 1970s”

  1. Fair point, but don’t forget that Clay became a Muslim, so why should we believe that he knows what he’s talking about?

  2. Keep in mind that this is a Black man saying these things. And a ‘superstar’ boxer to booth.
    This would be a totally different story if it was a white man saying these things . . .
    There lies the difference!

  3. If a white man even hinted at what he was saying (Nick Griffin?) for instance, he’d be had up on promoting hatred or some such rubbish. Equality laws are really inequality laws, made to oppress white people in their own country, and be scared to speak out about the destruction of their own land.

  4. Calls for racial purity are allowed from blacks and browns but not whites, welcome to the world where they left us using the actions of a small minority of our ancestors to try and destroy our nations and cultures.

  5. That was interesting. That was one man’s opinion. Back in the Golden Age people could just go ahead and express what they thought without fear of political correctness. No big deal, it’s just the guy’s opinion… Interesting post.

  6. This was a man talking to a sissy white English boy. What a difference.I remember a black friend back when the movie Zulu came out and some of us whites were goading him about all the Zulus being slaughtered. He just looked at us and said,”Yeah, whitey was really something then. He ain’t shit now”. He was right.

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