Life for women in Afghanistan much better while US present. But at what cost?

I suspect that pretty much every word this woman says is the verbatim truth. But even if it is, it raises some difficult and harsh questions. Exactly how much blood and treasure should Canada or the US etc. spend to make life less awful for women in Afghanistan? if there will be a civil war there, will any of the sides be consistent with Western values and views on individual liberty, freedom of concience or women’s rights? If we can justify staying there for these reasons now, why not go in to Saudi Arabia, the source of most of this sharia-misery all over the world today and do the same there, and certainly Iran.

I don’t have any easy answers frankly and do not wish to appear to be leading to any. I do think this woman is telling the truth and I have spoken personally to many rights workers in Afghanistan from Canada who will confirm what she says. But again, how do we justify the costs? What is to be gained for them or us in the long run?

Canadian journalist Terry Glavin is a firm believer in the mission to Afghanistan and believes that Canada can and should stay there to help improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan, and, that Afghanistan is becoming a subsidiary state of Iran. That any ambition to deal with Iran’s growing hegemony begins with Afghanistan. Terry knows his stuff. But I remain unconvinced either way. It would at least be encouraging to see a sizable group of people rise up and demand liberty with whom to side. At least that would give us a local ally we can believe in, as opposed to the current president. The man who actually gave a speech so incendiary against the west that Afghans rioted, torching the UN building in Kabul and killing several people.

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