The metamorphosis of the Egyptian revolution at Tahrir Sq.

This MEMRI clip shows how, exactly like Iran’s revolution, Egypt went from a lot of frustrated and angry liberals to ‘fundamustards’ (hard core orthodox Muslims of the Islamic Brotherhood variety) brandishing Al-Queda banners and demanding full sharia law implementation.

And like Iran, I wouldn’t bet against it.

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7 Replies to “The metamorphosis of the Egyptian revolution at Tahrir Sq.”

  1. Obama’s greatest accomplishment ever since he OCCUPIED the White Mosque and the Muslim brothers/sisters in his hood are overjoyed !!

  2. Before we go into Egypt the US is going to have to take the velvet gloves off and use the steel fists, then the Imam will discover that if they love death so much they are facing men who are the worlds top experts in dealing out death. They should learn to beware what they wish for, they might get it.

  3. I myself am happy. I am happy that tourism is down by 40 percent and that the stock market in Egypt has lost over half its value. The economic ruin of Islam is a must. Its upward trajectory has been on the back of petro dollars. The more it goes down and they have to pump some of those jihad dollars just to keep their brothers in Egypt to keep them going all the better. I am glad less infidel money is keeping our enemies going. However, the real economic ruin needs of course to hit Iran and Saudi. They are not as sound as before but have some economic steam left for the jihad.

  4. “We love death and you love life”! Yeah, right! Never heard of a mullah who went out and died for his beliefs. Put up against a fight with real men, they are known to run behind their very own women and children and even hide in the burka. More in their line to grow a back bone or borrow one or rent one, which ever! All Yak and no Shak, shameless bunch that they are!

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