At last. A practical use for bottled water.

Frankly I have always disliked bottled water. For one thing, its a complete con. Municipal water supply water in little crappy plastic bottles for people who typically, are recycling nuts and believe in global warming but are just too good to drink tap water, even when their own city’s water supply is cleaner and doesn’t require being trucked in a thousand miles by large, gas guzzling trucks.

Finally though, someone came up with a use for them. Suddenly they look more interesting. Ill take 4 cases.

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3 Replies to “At last. A practical use for bottled water.”

  1. I did need that sort of thing while I was living in Erdoganistan, since not even the Brita water dispenser we had taken with us from the US could help us drink Turkish tap water without getting horrible stomachaches afterwards. But you’re right about the fine quality of tap water in most civilized countries. And, even when getting it straight from the tap isn’t fine, a filter does the job just fine.

  2. I prefer tap water which I bottle up and puts in the fridge so that they get cooler. Tastes a lot better than the bubbled up sham water and is free also.

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