Michael Coren interviews the ‘Son of Hamas’

I have received a number of questions concerning this post due to concerns raised by Debbie Schlussel I think it was, and now this article on Pajamas Media.

I see it this way.

1. Even if all that this man is accused of is true to the letter, it does not make a word he says in this interview any less true or less relevant.

2. My struggle is one which opposes an ideology, not a people or race. If Jews were espousing and acting on ideologies that mirrored current Islamic ones then I would be attacking that ideology as well, and I do often where Jewish people leap leftwards so far they are tantamount to the same thing as Islam.

As this is the case, when a Muslim claims to have abandoned Islamic ideology and ideology of genocidal hatred, I accept that at face value unless I see evidence that it is not true and more importantly, the damage being done because of that deception. A great example might be Tarek Ramadan. The classic yeti in goat’s clothing. But this man’s interview was excellent. I have not read his book yet and probably won’t have the time, but hopefully someone will and review it here.

So ultimately, I support this man till I have reason not to, and simply suspecting him of deception on hearsay makes this about race and not ideology in a way. It would be saying that ‘one can never trust a person’s word if they had been Muslim or more accurately, Arab Muslim’ in a sense.

Thank you for the comments. I welcome any thinking on this issue, from any point of view.


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14 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews the ‘Son of Hamas’”

  1. brilliant!
    that chap spoke many truths, we need to hear more from him.

    i believe he is right about islam, there is an air of desparation in the way muslim clerics rant about the west.
    the keys are, i believe, prosperity, femail emancipation and technology.
    we, the west, really must do more to help those seeking freedom in and for iran.
    we must be active not passive and we MUST support Israel, even militarily.

  2. I have seen other interviews over the past few years. He is the same as he appeared in this one. He said a few years ago he had converted to Christianity and lived incognito. The quiet, forthright tone is the same. No ranting and whining. He’s right about islam; allah (satan or evil) is the problem. It should be declared a cult in the US. Nothing that tells followers to murder, rape, enslave, dismember, etc. should be given the same legal standing as the religions that teach us to love thy neighbor.

  3. Joy52

    Exactly. What he may or may not feel in his heart does not negate his words. I think we should take him at face value till there is a substantive reason to think or act otherwise. There is a sort of feud between he and Walid Shoebat as well. I also think Walid is sincere. In fact, it would not surprise me one bit to find that the evidence against these men was invented by Muslim groups seeking to discredit them as they are powerful tools for freedom and against Islamic manifest-destiny.

    Something about, ‘every stratagem of war’ I think the Koran says.

  4. Trust but verify, as long as he keeps telling the truth about Islam in the interviews he is helping the cause of freedom.

    If we in the west can hold on long enough Islam will fall just as the leftists are falling, modern technology is letting the truth get out about what is really happening. The man is right about what will happen once the public starts seeing what is happening in North Africa when the Moslem Brotherhood takes over.

  5. Just got this in my e-mail from Shoebat.com :


    Watch this on the Son of Hamas. In one video (10/23/11) Son of Hamas says “I love Israel” in the interview on our You Tube account (03/20/10) in Arabic he says “Israel is still the enemy”

    The link below has the edited version on the duplicity and also the two unedited versions to show the full context and that we did not take anything out of context.


    If you know of an event being organized to bring this deceiver to your community, send the Rabbi or Pastor responsible for the the event the above link.


    Keith Davies

  6. Brother Mosab knows the falsehood of Islam and risks his life in speaking out about the true nature of islam. It seems he gets persecuted from both sides, the Muslims and those who believe in Christianity. I pray, Brother Mosab (and everybody else) receives all that Jesus intended him (us) to have — to be born again by water and spirit, being led and used by the Spirit of God, with a wonderful hope for eternal Glory. Brother Mosab, please reach out to God to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and have your own Pentecost. Don’t be satisfied with traditional Christianity, only the Truth does set you free. (John 8:32)

    You came out of the darkness of islam, may you fully encounter the Light of the World: Jesus Christ, the Almighty God. Yes, there is only ONE God and indeed it is not allah. Tawheed, the Oneness of God didn’t originate in the qu’ran, it is in the Torah and the Bible. This Almighty God took on the form of flesh and came into this world to save mankind. (see 1 Tim 3:16, for more info please google “Wheel of Prophecy”, a tract with only Scriptures) When traditional Christianity turns to the Truth of the Bible, there will be revival.

    Brother Mosab, obey the Gospel as it is written in the Book of Acts Chapter 2:38, Chapter 8, 10 and 19. I have tried to email you, but the email address did not work anymore. May God lead you and bless you and also all the readers.

  7. I also understand people who have concerns that Brother Mosab spoke conflicting things to different audiences and issues like that should be pointed out.

    On the other hand, Brother Mosab needs prayer and support and also the Christians, who don’t agree with him. I want to clarify what I mean with “Brother Mosab being persecuted by Christians”: He should not be attacked, accused etc.

    The same is true for Brother Shoebat, he has been attacked and accused in many ways. Hope things work out the Christian way for all sides.

    God bless you abundantly.

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