…but yes, there really is systemic racism in the UK…

British workers accuse Chinese telecoms firm of race discrimination as 49 non-Chinese staff are made redundant


  • Judeson Peter, 39 claims Huawei Technologies moved 342 Chinese workers to Britain as they axed 49 staff
  • £48,000-per-year worker said Chinese workers were exempt from redundancy

By Rob Cooper
Created 5:31 PM on 14th November 2011

Axed: Judeson Peter, 39, claims that Huawei Technologies axed him 'because he was not Chinese'Axed: Judeson Peter, 39, claims that Huawei Technologies axed him ‘because he was not Chinese’

A telecoms company is accused of race discrimination after axing almost 50 British workers and replacing them with Chinese employees.

Judeson Peter, 39, told an employment tribunal that Huawei Technologies made him redundant from their office in Basingstoke, Hampshire, because he was British.

The £48,000-per-year customer support engineer, who specialised in fibre optics, said there was ‘clearly’ an increasing number of Chinese staff at the firm.

In total, they moved 342 workers to Britain over three years, the tribunal heard.

In the same period, 49 British and non-British staff lost their jobs.

Mr Peter said: ‘A large number of Chinese employees were joining the workforce in 2009 at the same time that I was being made redundant.

‘I believe I could have done these roles. Far more non-Chinese employees have been selected for redundancy than Chinese employees.

‘With regard to engineers, it should be noted that not a single Chinese engineer has been made redundant, whereas 30 non-Chinese have been.’

The hearing in Southampton, Hampshire, was told that Mr Peter started working for the Chinese firm in April 2006 but was made redundant in May 2009.

Mr Peter, who was born in Sri Lanka but became a British national after studying at King’s College, London, in the 1990s, said no foreign workers were made redundant.

He added: ‘The human resources manager sent an email dated April 21, 2009, stating that expat employees are exempt from redundancy.

‘This is a clear racial discrimination against non-Chinese employees as most expats are Chinese.

‘Home Office guidelines state employers are not to treat migrant workers more or less favourably than resident workers.

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5 Replies to “…but yes, there really is systemic racism in the UK…”

  1. I am seeing a chinese guy at the moment. It is racism that is keeping the chinese from becoming muzzie asss kissers. Good for the chinese. We black women should date them more.

  2. I am a retired British, white (yes, I had to say that, but n intentional racism intended) consultant in a highly esoteric computer field from the UK. During my consultancy in the UK I was continually appalled and dismayed by the lack of solid work ethics of so-called British highly-paid workers in the customer service field. You only have to listen to a Chinese worker speaking to tell him he will win hands down in any competition in the work force because of his perfect English – I quite often (I would say 85% of the time) would have ask the person to whom I was speaking (about software and programming issues) to repeat what they had just said very slowly as I did not understand their English because it was so severely overshadowed by a heavy colloquial accent. I found the UK worker on the whole lazy and too used to having the union and government back up and support his laziness and inadequacies. Good for the Chinese workers who replace these Brits…. maybe the job will get done for a change, with their strong work ethics.

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