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7 Replies to “Let the Saudis have the Calgary imam”

  1. Brilliant…..

    Well researched and informative……truth is a poison that kills Muslim propaganda dead.

    Let the “Imam”, “Terrorist”, “Sheikh” rot in jail………

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. This Imam is a Shia and the Saudis don’t like Shias.
    The Sunni-Shia fault line is the greatest gift to the civilised World, the biggest Achilles heel that Islam has.
    When they’re not terrorising us, they’re terrorising each other and that’s why Islam will never take over the World ( although it may get close to doing so) because the Saudis and the Iranians will rip each other apart before then.
    Divided they fall!

  3. I could be wrong, but given the Saudis have been “called out” in Canada several times this year, could this be a strategy to get a concession from Canada? Surely the Canadian imam could not be so naive as to do something in Saudi Arabia given they don’t like Shia? Granted muslims are so full of themselves as to think they can do what they want in democracies, but I should think even they are aware of the nicities of Saudi religious police(imagine!). But maybe I am overthinking this and it is a simple case of being a typical muslim! Maybe he will just be beat up and imprisioned for quoting the wrong verse, and not be beheaded–oh, to be back in Canada! (like I care)

  4. Another possibility is that this guy belongs to various Iranian organizations, such as the one we already know about, The ‘Islamic Human Rights Organization’ which is a front for Shiia Iranian ambitions in the KSA as well as the rest of the world. So maybe Saudi intel knows who he is and why he is really there and are less hobbled than we are when it comes to getting information, or letting groups like that know they don’t get to act without consequence. Mind you that’s a sheer guess and wild speculation on my part. It just could be that way.

  5. It was something, and probably more then some Shia rite in a cemetery, if you are right and he is connected to the groups trying to take over leadership in the Moslem world he is now regretting that he was ever born. Waterboarding isn’t torture but what the Saudi’s are doing to him is.

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