Dull video on Israeli-Gaza tensions. Except for one thing…

A rocket made it to Tel Aviv? Is that the first time? What kind of rocket. How many more are there aimed at Tel Aviv? The fact that it didn’t kill anyone does not make it harmless, as the commentator said, anymore than if someone threw an explosive grenade through your window when the kids happened to be in the next room.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I thought that the first rocket hit Ashkelon, and a quick look at a map of Israel shows that town to be about 40-50 miles from Tel Aviv. This video downplays the danger of the rocket – and seeks to disassociate it from the Israeli response which followed. So, this video is misleading about that, about the death of the Israeli (saying this rocket fell harmlessly), and about the “escalation” and “flare-up” – terms which imply both sides at fault. Islamic Jihad blames “rogue elements within the Israeli army for breaking the truce” —meanwhile it has long been firing rockets into Israel. Those apparently don’t count as truce breakers. Hard to believe that some people are actually fooled by all this.

  2. I am with you Eeyore, I want to know more. If a rocket made it to Tel Aviv things are going down the drain faster then I thought.

    Jen of course the Arabs firing rockets into Israel don’t count as breaking the truce, what kind of Islamiphobe are you to think it would?

  3. “rocket fell harmlessly”? Is that the one that killed an Israeli civilian?
    The interview with that Israeli MP with the yarmulke on his head is done outside the house of a the family who had just lost a father and a husband.
    Nice to see that now Israeli lives are not even considered reporting worthy.

  4. I see some reports that say the US is afraid that Israel is about to take unilateral action against Israel, the reports are all iffy and generally not report worthy. But this action does make me wonder if there isn’t some truth in them. No I don’t have the URLs.

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