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7 Replies to “Muslims complain that private Catholic university is Catholic”

  1. The is the subtle use of making the demandments to accommodate toleration for purposes of subverting what you believe in. Ramey is trying to enforce syncretism to begin the process of accommodations, to become adjusted and adapted to, to become reconciled to, or agree to show favor towards Islam. This is how subversives operate and in this case it is being done overtly, confrontationally and in your face. Exactly how the Infidels are to treated by Muslims by first asking them to ‘submit’ before real force is applied. The next step is the application of real force, intimidation, terror, violence, and open Jihad.

  2. I notice that the Muslim guest never looked up at the camera. He kept his eyes down the entire time. I certainly don’t trust anyone that won’t make some kind of eye contact at some point. I think he know that he had no valid argument.

  3. They are following what the secularists of the left did with Harvard and Yale, those use to proudly proclaim they were Christian Collages, the secularists started talking about how the religious symbols violated their rights and now Harvard and Yale are secular Collages with very little to no religion.

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