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9 Replies to “Ezra interviews an expert on ‘honour killings’”

  1. Honor killing was a cultural thing but Islam locks the culture in time. Notice he is saying it is a miss understanding of Islam.

    There are no ‘honor killing’ in the hindu religion. But they do have a real problem when the groom doesn’t receive enough money in his dowry from the wife’s parents.
    This is not honor killing this is greed.

  2. Britain did a lot of good during the colonial period, good that the left wants to bury so they can blame all evil on the west.

    I love the way all bad things are done by people who misunderstand Islam, yet the Imams in the middle east are calling for things we are told are done by misunderstaners of Islam. They must think we are as dumb as the left thinks we are.

  3. On “suttee”, I’ve heard it was a reaction to the islamic occupation of hindu land and islamic domination. It was better for the woman to be dead, than to be forced into islamic sexual slavery. We need more historical research here. Also, the islamic occupation of southern Italy, and in particular Sicily, left its stench and the “mafia” would appear to be a left-over. That is, possibly the conquered Sicilians converted to islam with all it’s apartheid advantages over the non-muslims, but with time they’ve converted back to the Church but kept these practices. Being an island and thereby isolated, that would be quite natural.

    What is never asked of these islamic adherents is the shariah law whereby a parent or grandparent suffers no retribution for killing a child or grandchild. It is this law that is the basic of honour killing in islam. This too would seem to have impacted on southern Italy.

    The stench of islam takes a long time to remove.

  4. Women in the west have seen their rights advance in the last 100 yrs
    Every where else they are going through hell
    Suttee is mainly because women are useless after their husband is dead!
    A form of suttee goes on today …
    instead of throwing themselves on their husbands funeral pyre
    they are sent on a loooooong walk to live out the rest of their days in Vrindavan (City of Widows) these widows can be aged 5 or aged 120
    It’s not just the Muslims who treat women badly

    The Mafia were created to fight all the different invaders (the Muslims were just one group)that tried to occupy her from the 9th to the 13th century. Their tactics were what many groups used back in those times.

  5. Ezra clarifies something extremely important here

    Honour killings are not because of mental illness!!!
    If they were, then it would be a get out of jail free card for Muslim men.

  6. Kate the MAFIA started out as a resistance movement, resisting the Moslems, they were using extortion to fund their fight. After the Moslems were kicked out they decided to keep up the extortion to avoid having to work.

  7. But the Mafia learnt their tactics from the muslims. There are so many parallels between them.

    With regard to suttee, I have read that the muslims used to even rape the dead bodies of the women, so that is why they preferred to throw themselves on the funeral pyre. I have to laugh when I read posts on Muslim websited criticising the Hindus for this practice.
    I have also that the reason Hindu women sometimes wear scarves – apparently unknown before the muslim invasions – was because if they were goodlooking they would be kidnapped off the streets, so they used to cover their faces with the scarves to avoid this.

  8. Yes and no on the tactics, the guerrilla war they fought as developed by the Hispanics, who are still the best masters of it. The criminal tactics were around a lot longer then Islam, dislike and hate our enemies all you can but be careful not to make them seem bigger and smarter then they are. Saying that all criminal or political and military resistance was developed by the Moslems does not stand up to research.

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