Some excellent political theater in Montreal.

I love Quebec culture. No where else in the ROC (rest of Canada) would anyone have the raw guts to do this.

While I have my issues with Quebec politics the people and culture of Quebec are fantastic in so many ways. For one thing, at least they are willing to fight to preserve their own identity. Something the rest of the Western world could learn from.

In the video below, some anti-anti-Israel activists, or put another way, pro-Israel activists using the theatrical tactic of pretending to be Muslim women complaining about how Israel allows women rights, gay people rights and allows political disagreement with the state, pass out flyers and and wave signs and mock, I think it’s called, ‘ululating’, a sound Muslim women make under some circumstances, while really trying to show how these values are good ones and the enemies of Israel should be looked at carefully.

This video was shot and uploaded to youtube initially by what sounds like a Muslim, who I believe falsely accused these people of assaulting him, although there is no evidence of that on his video, and ‘Bear’ translated what little French there was spoken as well as the signs and I re-uploaded it with his invective removed. It certainly is a fun watch even if it was taken by someone who most certainly did not like what they were doing.

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  1. I’m at work right now, so I should be working and pretending I am 😉 But I really want to laugh watching this video. Love how they make those sounds haha!

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