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8 Replies to “Origins of organic compounds such as coal and oil”

  1. This started when they learned Titan the largest moon around Saturn has lakes of Hydrocarbon and it rains Hydrocarbon. This on a planet that is to far from the sun for any kind of massive amount of vegetation for hydrocarbons as we used to know to form.

    This article is not complete it is possible Hydrocarbons could form from the center of the earth and there are some signs showing that could be taking place. Such as dried up for years oil fields having a large amount of oil again.

    Another interesting point. We burn in large quantities our building blocks of what helped us become who we are.

    Is this another key for atheist key to the universe? LOL

  2. My fishing partner has a brother in law in the oil industry, this man says that the old “dry” fields are refilling and in some cases the wells need periodic pumping to prevent the pressure from cracking the well heads.

  3. Richard, the peak oilers (or peakingese as I call ’em) will do anything to shut down the dissemination of this idea. Wikipedia is full of these guys and they want you to know that we have no resources here and everything will be horrible real soon. They call abiogenic petroleum a “disproven” idea. By whom? Basement dwelling kooks such as themselves? Have you ever noticed on TV that a good deal of high profile investors with much gravitas seem to speak more about peak oil than actual geologists? Perhaps that’s the mentality that they want the sheep-like speculators to have on the stock floor ($$$).

  4. Yeah the left will do anything to keep this considered a crazy idea, what isn’t known is that most of the big banks and money men are Democrats, they want to government to prevent others from competing with them in any way and that includes getting enough money to be able to donate large sums you your favorite political party or candidate. As far as I am concerned the campaign finance reform laws are designed to distance the politicians from the voters and to create the situation here that exists in Britain, the voters really have very little say in anything.

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