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4 Replies to “More TV coverage on the EDL in the UK”

  1. Funny how empty tents at various Occupy movement sites aren’t viewed as disruptive to commerce while a single limited march is intolerably disruptive to the operation of local commerce. Political double standard and hipocracy at it’s finest.

  2. I’m always intrigue on how the coverage always imply that EDL is the problem in these situations! The facts that many enclaves of Muslims living in Europe are now imposing their way of life on the local culture is totally ignored. And we are wondering why the Islamists are slowly but surely taking over. Shame on the governing bodies and the main stream media for not defending our way of life.

  3. It sounded like the politician was going to start pushing for the outlawing of the EDL and the suppression of freedom of speech.

  4. This grinds my frickin gears.
    Can’t imagine the the fury the EDL and other nationalist organizations feel as a result of these convoluted reports.
    Protecting the UAF, MDL and Muslims Against the Crusades at every opportunity.
    Reminiscent of the demonetization of the Tea Party while mums the word and Presidential approval for the drug addled,sexual assaulting,small minded occupiers.
    So upon every shore our leaders and the mainstream media are all in Islams pocket.
    United and aligned with the EDL no matter the scraps or imbibing.
    Nothing they could do is nearly as vile as the daily aberrations by Islamic leches. Ingrates who are given free reign and immunity from criticism or accountability.

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