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4 Replies to “Ezra busts yet another disgusting anti conservative, anti-American, CBC abuse of public funds.”

  1. This sounds just like the MSNBC attacks that are made, the left is really afraid of Sarah to attack this hard and this often, they mus think she will run in the future and win.

  2. I think its uglier than that. You have an attractive successful woman that thinks its not OK to kill your unborn child on a whim at any time for any reason, who is responsible and moral and is a shining beacon to people who have a classically liberal bent, what is now called ‘neo-con’ and the leftist CBC simply cannot tolerate that. They must take her down by any and all means. Had she been leftist and pro abortion and otherwise exactly the same in all ways, but as I say, one purports to support the Democrats, CBC would call anyone who did not vote for her, sexist and possibly racist (given that she is from Alaska and all).

  3. You and I are thinking the same things, you just express them better, they are afraid of anyone that shows the policies of the left to be evil. She does that with her life decisions and her philosophy. In the long run she will win and they will lose but she and her family are going to suffer from what the left is going to do.

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