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7 Replies to “Woman burned alive for not bearing son”

  1. Such primative uneducated dogs! They should be killed immediately! (May Muhammad find his asshole with his tounge, enshallah!)

  2. Their lack of intelligence and the complete lack of any ability for critical thought are why the left gets along with them so well, they both suffer from the same problem.

  3. Logic is taught but you have to have the gene that allows you to learn it. Logic is like civilization. There is actually a gene that allows the potential for it. Search geneticist, Bruce Lahn, I think his name is, or Hahn.

  4. I think we have to understand that all Muslims are taught from infancy that (i) no personal interpretation of their religion is allowed; (ii) no apostacy is allowed; (iii) no one has the right to question imams in regards the meaning of the koran; and (iv) there is only one way to achieve salvation, and that is to obey the above three rules.

    Kinda nice in a way, being Muslim. A male Muslim, that is. You are brainwashed that your ignorant a$$ is somehow better than any female, that you have all sorts of rights because a seventh century pedophile ‘spoke with the almighty’ and that he alone can show you the way to paradise. You don’t have to be productive, educated or otherwise enlightened, because one day soon the western way of life will crash and burn, and a world-wide caliphate will be created where other illiterate, inbred mongrels will inherit the world’s wealth. Talk about an entitlement generation!

    So let’s not blame the poor Muslim man who knows diddly about genetics, or science, or about anything, really. He’s been programmed to listen not to reason, logic, science or common sense, but to the urgings of his imam. That perverted soul is usually a sadistic creep who gets his jollies beating on little children in his ‘school’, where true Muslims must send their progeny for learning (or more truthfully, brainwashing.)

  5. i look foreward to reading about this in the papers here in the UK.
    what i don’t look foreward to, is the pigs flying over my head.

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