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4 Replies to “Islamic Al Shabab murders their French hostage by withholding Cancer medication”

  1. Once again, in the spirit of their ‘courageous’ prophet, these ‘brave’ Muslim freedom fighters have ‘valiantly’ defeated another one of their enemies, in this case a fierce and formidable 66 yr. old disabled woman by ‘boldly’ preventing her from taking her cancer medicine. The warriors of Islam are ‘fearless’ indeed.
    No doubt they will be hailed as heroes amongst the pea-brained Shabaab community!

  2. Dear French Foreign Legion,

    Como talle vous? Le mort et somalie terroriste, si vouz plaize.

    Man my French is terrible. Let’s try that in Spanish.

    Querido Legion Frances,

    Pueden utds. encontrar las terroristas Somalianes? Por favor, se desparan a todos, y no se ofrecen clemencia. Son piratas, rattones, terroristas, y desgraciados.

    Gracias, de los EEUU.

  3. This is terrible and disgustibg, but I don’t understand why the useful idiot leftist did not see this coming. Probably she did not make the connection even in the seconds before her sad demise.

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