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5 Replies to “Greece today”

  1. The second clip is bold faced agitprop from Russia Today, the official propoganda arm of the new Kremlin. It is is obvious from both their tones and words, these two mascarad vultures are cheerleading for the forces of destabilization in Greece. As well they should be, being russians. Greece was one of the first battles of the cold war, and one that Russia lost.

    Considering how Iran behaved over the unrest in Bahrain, this should posture should make one highly suspicious about the motivations and real loyalties of those organizing the greek rioters.

  2. I am confident that the organizers of the Greek riots have the same motives as the people who organize the absurd ‘faux-tests’ across Europe and the Americans. Basically destabilization and creating an environment for insidious forces to gain traction and control.

  3. don’t blame them. let us never lose sight of the fact – that responsibility lies with the slimy political elite. like most employees – greek ones are taxed at source. what we are witnessing here is the beginning of the end of the EU – and we should rejoice. Greeks gave us democracy – perhaps it is fitting that their mass protests – are perhaps the start of a long path to restore it

  4. The left wants a Marxist revolution in all Western nations, if they are very unlucky they will succeed, the current economic crisis was created by Marxist economic policies that interfered with sound business decisions. The media of all nations are for the most part ignoring this fact and are joining in the blaming of the banks and bankers, the people who are organizing the protests and riots are the ones who should be blamed for the economic problems.

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