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3 Replies to “Canadian family questions Israeli deal”

  1. Once you pay dane geld how do you get rid of the dane?

    During WWII the left worked against the west fighting the war until Germany attacked the USSR, then they wanted the west to send all of our weapons and troops to Russia to protect it.

  2. I would like to suggest that in future, if a IDF fighter is caught by the enemy then a special intelligence task force be sent to rescue him or her. The task force will be made up of the finest, most highly trained of ruthless Israeli assassins.
    Secondly, all Israeli soldiers should be given suicide pills in case they are caught by the enemy, which they have the option of taking, if a rescue attempt seems impossible (however, the Jews – God bless ’em, don’t belive in suicide, so this bit may be difficult to put into action).
    Under no circumstances should the Israelis ever negotiate with terrorists!
    Next, Israel should enforce the death penalty for terrorist murderers so that there is no option of them ever being released. The death penalty should be carried out swiftly and the body be wrapped in a ‘stars and stripes’ shroud and then given a Jewish funeral so there is no possibility of this being seen as a martyrdom by Muslim thugs.

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