Statement by Fjordman on the funding drive

Below are a few paragraphs from Fjordman. But first, I personally would like to thank all of you who contributed to him as well. Fjordman’s work is very important as so many of you clearly know. Recent news stories have shown how within Europe, history is being rewritten to appease the most brutal elements within it in some cases and in others merely to be polite to those who wish it wasn’t the way it was.

Of course this is cataclysmic. For a nation to obliterate it’s own history and recreate itself in the image of its enemies is a staggeringly awful thing for any nation to do to it’s own people and the truth itself. But it does show how critical the work of people like Peder Jensen is, as well as why so many people would see him discredited at best, and stopped anyway possible at worst. Supporting Fjordman is supporting the right to research, speak and discuss the truth for all of us. This is a pivatol moment in our history. I am very proud of how readers of Vlad had recognized this and stepped up to the plate. On behalf of Vlad Tepes Blog, I thank you as well.



I don’t usually ask for donations online since I generally make my essays available on the Internet for free, and there are so many good bloggers and others out there who could use a few bucks at least as much as I do. But I am amazed and frankly quite touched by how many people are willing to donate some of their hard-earned money when I do ask for a donation. The response over the past 24 hours has been nothing short of astonishing.

There is a serious disconnect between how I am portrayed in the press and how many ordinary people apparently like my writings. I can only conclude that many people no longer trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth about anything. I have received offers to stay for free in Brazil or to travel virtually anywhere I want to within Europe. I cannot accept these offers right now, but I am very moved by them and they are deeply appreciated.

Some, like the Baron and Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, are very good at thanking each and every contributor individually by email. I would very much like to follow their example here, but I am literally overwhelmed at the moment by the response, plus preparing my upcoming book as well as practical issues related to moving to a new location. I cannot guarantee that I can answer every single person who donated money, and it will anyway probably take a few days before I have time at my disposal to do this, but I will do my best.


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  1. Fjordman:
    It is we, your readers, who ought be grateful to you for the intellectual wealth you have transfered to us over many years. I am happy to hear our response to you at this time has been significant and, I hope, substantial. Whatever you have received, you have earned every cent of it — and more.

  2. I love your essays, Fjordman. I will soon donate some money to you and I am looking forward to your upcoming books. I want to buy Defeating Eurabia, but I don’t know where to get it. I hope you’re ok, Fjordman. You have many friends in Sweden. Regards, Hegra in Stockholm

  3. The truth hurts

    Some people can’t handle the truth very well, especially those whose entire life is based upon a lie. They hate blogs like the Gates of Vienna, this blog, and of course, writers like Fjordman. And yours truly, no comparison intended. If you can read and understand the Norwegian language, go see for yourself on “” and “”, Fjordman is proclaimed the Public Enemy No.1. They even put up pictures of him next to the man who gave treason a name, Quisling, and of course, exhonorating themselves in the process.

    But then again, Fjordman’s writing on the wall must have hit them hard, otherwise they wouldn’t have reacted as irrationally as they did, turning his appartment and his life upside down. And for what? For being quoted by some mentally disturbed maniac who woke up one day and went out on a killing spree? Either way, welcome to Norway, the only democracy on the Western hemosphere where you risk being concidered guilty until proven innocent. Court’s ajourned…


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