Ezra Levant on the Egyptian massacre of the Copts plus some shocking new evidence of Egyptian army murders

Ezra Levant does an excellent analysis with a guest on the events in Cairo the other day:

here is a clip from youtube, which I enhanced one sequence of, where Egyptian soldiers are clearly firing on fleeing civilians, likely Copts

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  1. Yesterday, I read this piece at New English Review, where Mark Durie makes a thorough analysis of the situation of the Copts under sharia and mahoundian rule using mahoundian theology to explain it.

    Among many points, two stood out in my opinion. One, was how, due to the inadmissibility of the testimony of any infidel against a mahoundian, whatever the mahoundian authorities say really happened will be accepted as the “official” version of events by Egyptian courts and the mahoundian world in general (and, by default, their sandal lickers at the UN), regardless of what the Copts might say or show to the contrary. The other thing was how, by holding demonstrations (viewed by mahoundians as acts of rebellion) against the conditions they’re forced to live under, for all practical purposes the Copts violate the pact of the dhimma and lose the right to exist under mahoundian rule.

    Unfortunately, for the Copts, it seems that the leaders of the civilized West will continue to be good sharia-compliant sandal lickers by not saying or doing anything that could reduce or put an end to their suffering. I believe that Tony Blair, David Cameron and Buraq Hussein might even end up saying a thing or two about how mahoundians should remember the “times of great harmony and peaceful coexistence between Christians and mahoundians ‘made possible’ by islam” as some sort of model to follow as a way out of the violence. Little do they know (or, in the case of Tony Blair, if he really studies mahoundian texts and tenets, PRETENDS not to know) that the anti-Coptic violence is nothing but a sign of the meaning of “peace”, “harmony” and “coexistence” in islam.

  2. In the first clip the interviewee said that it is like there is a conspiracy to drive Christians from the Islamic nations, I will go further, the MB is working to drive all non Moslems out of Moslem nations.

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