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6 Replies to “Perhaps the key video, showing what really happened to the Copts and flushing the official story”

  1. i do hope that the european authorities use the same way to attack the muslims here in europe,……..really not a discrimination, they really respects the anothers religions and the human rights. And off course our european and western news will be in silence and cover this brutallity……….

  2. What is being done to Christians in Egypt is what islam will do to Europe and America if they do not wake up. It is before your eyes.

  3. joy52 said,
    “What is being done to Christians in Egypt is what islam will do to Europe and America… ”

    We will have it worse. remember we(the rest of the world) still have some or very little influence on the authorities in Egypt. Once we have no influence at all we are cooked.

  4. JOY52 and OxAO- How many of the useful idiots and willing participants in the OccupyWallStreet mob fit this pattern? Answer- I bet most are atheists or non-Christian. When the time comes to forcefully convert to Islam, will they? Or will they be old hands by that time? When you let a problem go on and on, it’s harder to fix.

  5. Yes, we will have it much worse as the copts are just a few %’s of the total population. We in Europe and America are not such a small population. But still we are too many for the koranimals to allow us to live. They want to keep our lands forever and can’t afford to let us breed them out. So for that reason alone they will soon start to exterminate us on an industrial scale. To make sure we will never be able to take back our former lands. The survivors will be kept as working slaves and sex slaves.

  6. You are all right, unless a major miracle occurs there will be rioting and probably civil war in all Western nations, those who live in the nations with heavy handed gun control laws are going to wish that the “stay behind” groups that were mentioned in another threat really exist since they would be armed. The fighting will occur on a in a few locations and will spread, probably slower them most think, in the short term the Moslems are going to win some fights and do a lot of damage. In the long term the West will win and hopefully freedom and civilization will continue.

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