1. Once again, Pat the fearless warrior, speaks the truth with a passion and clarity that is unmatched. It is hatred that drives the Palestinians, because it is hatred that drives the Arabs and that hatred is driven by the most bitter and twisted of ideologies, Islam!
    The ostriches are going to have to take their heads out of the sand sooner or later…

  2. Kids need to see this. The choir doesn’t, and the knee-jerk lefty Israel-haters are for the most part beyond hope.

    You can get a lefty to sit down and watch this great presentation, you can even get a eureka! moment out of the lefty, and half an hour later it’s as if nothing has happened. It’s like they NEED to keep the lie alive, just as the Arabs do, for different reasons than the Arabs but the brainwashing remains.

    I am convinced that our only consolation is the fact that humans only live a few decades and eventually die off. Deprogramming an anti-Israel apologist for Arab terror, after 40 years of effective Arab propaganda, is almost impossible.

    It’s the kids we have to make sure grow up untainted by lies and spin. Keep talking to the next generation.

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