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10 Replies to “‘Occupy Wall Street’ turns violent.”

  1. We often see activist posted materials of police “brutality” but when neutral footage is posted it shows that the protestors do things specifically intended to provoke physical reactions. There has been many vids of protestors charging police in an organized manner or throwing projectiles.

    Inciting the police is particularly cynical behavior in this case as the protestors don’t have a single specific problem or issue they are protesting over – so that means the police can’t be accused of protecting a particular establishment group.

    And it is true they do not actually have a single demand. This is intentional. It means they can’t be negotiated with and it goes hand in hand with not having a visible leader They do have at least one of sorts though- Stanley Greenberg, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others. He’s an American political strategist who orchestrated the exact same nonsense in Israel.

    Here is an article about him and what he got up to in Israel:


    There is no possible way to meet their demands because not only do they not have a single demand, the demands they do have are intentionally veague.

    Speaking of which. I’ve seen a lot of complaining but have seen absolutely no offered solutions to any problems.

  2. This is an extended version of this shot (1:15). It shows that the activists attacked first. They do a 321 countdown then push against the police. You can see someone reach over and hit a police officer in the head.

  3. Here is a lovely comment on that page.

    “Americans are idiots. Most of them don’t even know that the Federal Reserves is not even Federal. Its a? private bunch of people mostly Jews, that run the nations economy.

    DirkandJeanneHome 2 seconds ago”

    I believe there is another vid somewhere of one of these activists telling someone to “go to Israel you jew” rather then actually discuss anything with him.

    American spring indeed.

  4. The left is trying for a replay of the 60s, they think that this time they can ride the riots into taking over the government. If they get real unlucky they will succeed in their attempt to start a civil war.

  5. Replay the 60’s indeed. . .take a gander: photo via WeaselZippers

    “Wall Street Occupier Sign: “Queer Kids: Kill Your Parents”…
    Advocating murder, how progressive.

    History repeats . . .recall

    “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at”
    –Bill Ayers (1970)

    And looky who posted an instructional blog post for “OWS”…why it’s none other than the unrepentent terrorist, William Ayers himself:
    “Occupy Wall Street! Collective statement of the protesters…
    Wanna bet that most or All of O’s unsavory cohorts are instigating this 60’s chaos revival?

  6. It is coming out that Occupy Wall Street was organized to be the left wing version of the TEA party. Since the TEA party is a grass roots movement with millions and Occupy Wall Street is a AstroTurf group that probably doesn’t reach into the 5 figure range they are in trouble.

  7. Assuming that Obama is the dominate person in that group, personally I think some of the left wing teachers that have been preaching revolution for so long are the ones calling the shots. Obama is probably a figure head.

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