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5 Replies to “The sights and sounds of downtown Hamburg Germany”

  1. It is sad, I have many good memories of my two years in Germany in the late 60s, there some war protesters but for the most part we were welcome and enjoyed being in a free nation that respected everyone’s rights. Now it is turning into a Third World nation with no respect for anyone.

  2. This guy should be fired for singing off-key. What? torture to those living nearby! What agony! And this is done 5 times a day?!! This noise pollution should be against the law. Their right to do this ENDS where other’s right to a peaceful society begins. This has nothing to do with religion or islam. muhammed did not have a megaphone or loudspeaker so it should not be allowed. And don’t even try to compare this to church bells on Sunday!

  3. city bi=laws can prevent this from happening here in Canada and yet very difficult because in most cities there are already so many braindead that think this is just fine, so we have work to do to convince and wake up the population before it is too late,

    Did you notice the ads running with the sanction of the Canadian government, from young Canadians…. another case of brainwashing, the ads are against racism, all good and fine, but the map shows all sorts of people and yes, one wearing hajab, which has nothing to do with race, but seeing this over and over, people make the visual conn’ection,

    Also, another ad on a local station, this one even more perverse, the type of stuff we used to study years ago, forgotten the term, but when images are flashed really fast with a different verbal statement, this one had an image of a middle eastern family, and the ad was promoting ‘the good family. I will have to watch for this one again,

    Are the islamics paying for these ads’, saudies, maybe just the islamic owners of Canadian corporations and multi=million dollar businesses in Canada because of no regulations regarding Canadian investments

    We seem to be more concerned about Canadian content in our media, forcing us to watch low level CBC sponsored crap, than we are about who owns Canada.

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