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One Reply to “Greeks cannot possibly pay debt, while EU guarantees us all they will.”

  1. Robson has more detailed and up to date info that I do, but I am not sure that it hasn’t already passed the point where Greece can default and restructure without collapsing the worlds economy and causing a depression. I am glad he added the final statement about how the more time the Europeans buy the worse the problem gets and the further the fall will be. And remember Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy will probably be pulled down by the Greek default. The EU can’t survive that big a hit, and neither can the worlds economy.

    Complicating the matter is the left poised to riot and try to take over the governments of the nations that are defaulting and others when their economy collapses. Here in the US we have leftists (the occupy Wall Street groups) trying to bring down the economy so they can take over.

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