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3 Replies to “One down, hundreds of thousands of Iranian-influenced morons to go”

  1. Some questions for the gentleman in the video:

    1. Have you fully investigated Islam? (Koran, hadiths, sira)
    2. Are you finished thinking like a child?
    3. Did you ever consider the fact that if the US caused 9-11, killing thousands, that to “expose” this would also get you killed? Why are truthers still alive, if the US is so devilish and murderous?
    4. Did you watch the “Popular Mechanics” special on television which debunked all of the 9-11 myths one-by-one?
    5. Have you heard the flight data recorder recordings of one of the pilots getting his throat cut on 9-11?
    6. Have you watched the beheading video of Nick Berg or others?

    7. Finally, are you now ready to fix bayonets?

  2. The man is coming to his senses but is not there yet, however if the truthers really believe that the US Government could do that and keep it quiet they have a lot, I mean a whole lot more confidence in the US Government then I do.

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