30 September , 13:31

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 30 – The European Union for the first time is planning to draw a road map to completely remove visa requirements for Turkish citizens, while in the meantime the union will take steps to ease visa procedures, according to Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commission representative for interior affairs as daily Hurriyet reports. The process will start in the fall and will have five steps starting with granting longer visas, then multi-entry visas, then shortening the processing time, then reducing the paperwork required, and then extending again or even eliminating visas for certain sectors. Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bagis on Wednesday participated in a session of the European Parliament discussing the union’s visa regime for Turkish nationals. The EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting on Wednesday was the first high-level meeting between Turkey and the EU on what Ankara hopes will lead to further negotiations to remove visa requirements for Turks visiting EU member countries. (ANSAmed).

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  1. Why don’t they just let in tho whole of North Africa and be done with it. These educated half-wits in Brussels are fooling nobody, only themselves. But why oh why do our foolish electorate keep voting for the parties who are all for this E.U. barrel of crap. It’s enough to make the devil himself weep.

  2. I have a funny feeling this will never happen. The dislike of turks by Germans is sky high due to a recent book published over there. France and Italy are full with med Arabs. So I just think this is political posturing in order to keep the so called dialogue with the Turks going. It is just political stuff.

  3. There is no need for people to react like this, there are some innocent people out there that are just genually interesed in visiting different countries and expriencing different cultures, some people take the fact that they can visit any country they wish to for holidays without having the hassle of applying for visa’s in order to enjoy and have a holiday! why shouldnt turkish citizens have this privalidge.. I cant understand why an ordanary person who may wish to go on holiday in europe cannot, simply because of the fact they are turkish! It is awful!

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