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15 Replies to “New Egyptian NAZI party”

  1. In short, stop them flouting our laws and stop them giving them special privileges. One law for all and no exceptions, and if they don’t like it let them sod off back to their lands of origins where there are no special privileges.

  2. If these gumps are an example of the superiority of the Egyptian race we gots nuthin to worry about.

    First of all they are calling themselves Nazis because they hate jews and want to destroy Israel. There is no other reason to call the party the Nazi Party.

    Their whole purpose is to cause a war with Israel. Why else build a reactor in that region unless you want Israel to blow it up?

    It is also extremely likely that they are just Muslim Brothood proxies set up to either make them look less extreme, to be cats paws or to attract more secular Egyptians who would not vote for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. “We have a 7,000 year old culture.”

    No they don’t. Their ancestors invaded the area in the dark ages and suppressed the indiginous people and culture. These people are culturally and historically arabs, not connected to the ancient egyptians.

  4. Just for a moment, I closed my eyes and I thought I was listening to an exerpt from a show by the Three Stooges. Or is it another skit from Saturday Night Live. . .

  5. How do muslims make cruel slaughter of animals, misogyny, FGM, homophobia, anti-semitism look “moderate”? By blowing up planes and trains, and calling for a theocratic dictatorship.
    How do muslims make the Nazi-inspired (it truly was) Muslim Brotherhood look moderate? By creating a genuine muslim Nazi party.
    Trust me. When the MB takes over Egypt, our “experts” will tell us “look, they’re moderate – they could be as bad as the Egyptian Nazi Party”

  6. Don’t laugh and don’t underestimate your enemies, they are sounding like Hitler did when the Nazi’s first started, everyone laughed and called him a clown we all know how that joke ended.

    Those kids are scary, in the short run they are a danger only to themselves but if they can gain enough followers they will be a danger to a lot of people.

  7. Most modern books on the Muslim Brotherhood cover up the fact that it was modelled on a cross between the YMCA and the Nazi Party. By far the best book I could find is this: Ishak Musa Husaini, The Moslem Brethren – the Greatest of Islamic Movements, Beirut, 1956. In the Introduction he says (p.vi) “Is it worth our while to write a history of the moslem Brethren now that the movement has been ended in Egypt and its future is largely ambiguous?… it greatly resembles the Wahhabi and Sanusi movements and is influenced by the modern traditional (Salaffieh) school… the identification of state with religion, the execution of t Moslem law…”

    Bear in mind this was written at a time when the arabic author (and admirer of the MB) thought it had been destroyed. Therefore, he could tell the truth. Also bear in mind that this is a decade after WW2. The author (as is typical for arabic muslims of that time) has no horror at what the Nazis did. (In her book on Eichmann, Arendt notes that at the end of WW2 Egyptian national broadcasters were lamenting that the Nazis had not killed more jews).

    The author goes on to say: “Their organizational methods are a mixture of the Salafite, Sufi, Batanite, Nazi and perhaps, the Communist systems… Al-Banna was able, by his sagacity, to place his organisation between the two systems of the Nazi-Fascists and the Communists… From the first he took discipline and obedience or actually a sort of pseudo-dictatorship” (pp.91-92).

    This book has recently been re-published. The truth about the Nazi origins of the MB is going to come out. So what better way (the only way?) to make it look “moderate” is to move the goal posts.

    For 25 years Hizb ut Tahrir has said that they plan to destroy democracy, destroy Israel, and destroy all homosexuals, yet the liberal-left deluded dhimmis simply ignore those statements. The MB must be fairly sure that their boosters in the west will jump at the chance to show how moderate the MB is compared to an explicitly racist nazi party.

  8. Let’s hope the Egyptian Nazis stick around. Maybe they will gain followers. Since islam is basically a nazi group, let them come out of the closet. That might help the Left to figure out what is going on before it is too late and their ensnarement is obvious to them.

  9. James part of the problem is that the left knows their lies about the conservatives are lies and think that everyone else is doing the same thing, thus when the MB says they are going to destroy democracy and all religions other then Islam they think they are lying. These people are non-religious and only use religion as a cover when they seek political office, thus they think all religious people who are pushing for political power are lying like them, and that all people who believe in religion are stupid and incapable of understanding anything.

  10. James- excellent post. Not enough people are aware that the Muslim Brotherhood are not just fascists but actual full blown Nazis.

    The left wing elements are only window dressing they use to trick people into not seeing they are extreme right wing. Though their agitators and propogandists use leftist rhetoric it is only to hide the fact that they are extreme right wing and to trick stupid western leftists into doing their dirty work.

  11. truthiocity Hitler the Nazi’s and the Fascists all said they were part of the Marxist family, why do you and others ignore this?

  12. Yeah, and the only difference between the Nazi policies and the policies of the left in Britain, Canada and the US is the lack of gestapo enforcement, and they are working on that.

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