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4 Replies to “David Harris of INSIGNIS speaks on the DC jihadi bust and PCness in reporting it”

  1. The plan was a little complicated but it could have worked, to an extent anyway. I question that people would be running in panic from that small an explosion and I don’t think a small group like that could have gotten very far before the Capital police and the guards at the Pentagon cut them down.

  2. “Wondering how a kid from the subebs could wind up with a string of terror charges?”

    Well, let’s see, umm could it be, umm…It’s at times as this that makes me wonder if America realises we are at war with terrorism and how they seem to have just fallen asleep from the events of 9/11. This young fellow turned this way in, maybe just a few years of listening to that evil brainwashing and you have a terrorist. This is why America and Britain as well need to more closely monitor what is being taught to our Muslims in those mosques. And why does the feds turn the other cheek when Islam and Sharia are being pushed onto our kids nationwide. The feds took prayer out of the shools and then years later took out of our “Pledge of Allegence” that was aleays ‘one nation under God’ to one nation. Our movement has addressed this in Georgia, but is a nationwide problem. Islam gets them young and many instead of becoming young adults, they become young terrorist. America wants our child minds to not absorb such evils. And many are getting sick of the push from ilamic radicals carrying out their Muslim Brotherhood plan of Stealth Jihad. Tired of being pushed out of our freedoms and it at the way this is unfolding it justifiably can be called an invasion. We all need to stop this jihad and loss of our freedoms and educate the people out of their sleep of what is really going on in the US, the UK and on a global scale.

    “When my country, into which I had just set my foot, was set on fire about my ears, it was time to stir. It was time for every man to stir.” Thomas Paine

  3. Quote: “I question that people would be running in panic from that small an explosion ”
    Consider 9/11 and the use of two commercial planes to bring down the twin towers and the consequential catastrophic damage & panic they caused.
    These hobby craft need only be fixed upon a vulnerable target which has the potential to subsequently become exponentially more catastrophic. Think fuel supply line, weapons depot, bridge supports, tunnels, etc.

  4. Yes and no, the planes were to be aimed at buildings and would have been loaded with 5 pounds of C4, you can do a lot with 5 pounds of C4 if you place the charge in the right spot but that spot would be in the basement not the capital dome or a window at the pentagon. I still question people running in panic from that small and explosion when there is not subsequent collapse. On 9/11 the people were running from the falling buildings, not in blind panic, there is a big difference.

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