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3 Replies to “Grim economic prediction. Short the Euro? Good idea though”

  1. Three things, 1) in panic and confusion there is opportunity, 2) making money shorting the euro is a matter of timing, if you don’t know how to time it you are better off not trying, 3) as far as what is coming in the worlds economy, as far as I can see he is sugar coating the situation it is probably much worse then he is saying. The problem, like the great depression, has been brought about by government interference in the market, and more government interference won’t help matters.

    Remember there are laws of economics that are as hard and unyielding as the laws of physics, they just take longer to punish you when you break them. We are now paying for the Marxist/Keynesian economic policies of the 20th Century, the only silver lining in this dark cloud is that the western governments will probably, not necessarily but probably return to a smaller government mode allowing the West to rebuild.

  2. I was mulling over this video… Now this guy is a trader… a trader whose been “dreaming for this for years” that the economy fails and not recover. Makes me wonder if its really “candor” or if he’s pushing what is good for him (and others who has money riding on this down economy). Not blaming him.

  3. You are possibly right, as I said before in confusion there is opportunity, I don’t have money enough and haven’t been studying the market enough to make money from a major crash but others could become richer then Bill Gates by the right investments. It is also possible that he is telling the truth, I have known retired officers whose dream was to make a forced landing on a defended beach, they dreamed about this but really didn’t want to do it because of the massive number of causalities they would take.

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