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6 Replies to “South Africa genocide potential now at 6 out of 7”

  1. Genocide is ok if it’s the massacre of white people being killed in South Africa, right? It serves them right, right” After all the only racists are white people, right?…..spit…../sarc off

    Look how far South Africa has come since they have thrown of the yokes of apartheid, rape capital of the world, mass murder of innocent white farmers etc. The fools won’t even be able to feed themselves when this is done.

  2. Quote from the link:

    “However, we had no evidence that these crimes were being encouraged by the South African government or that they were organized by an organized hate group.
    Now we have evidence of organized incitement to violence against white people…”

    No sh!t Sherlock!! Had no evidence? Puh. . .leeeez!
    [hat tip Kitman TV] The Songs they Sing, a documentary video illustrates decades of incitement, with stupid white politicians too ignorant to realize the threatening lyrics they bellow in harmony were directed at them. . .as far back as 1992 (according to the video script)!

  3. @WPF”The fools won’t even be able to feed themselves when this is done”.

    Yes they will while ever they have governments like ours that pour billions of hard working tax payers money to fund these vile people and in the process line there own self serving pockets.

  4. This is hard. I just finished reading Botha’s 1985 speech in which he basically said unabashedly that Blacks are inferior and that every (white) country believes this but puts up a front for the sake of appearing like they care. He even called outright for extermination of Blacks by chemicals and any other means possible -mainly trickery.

    My heart sake. This was yesterday afternoon (middle eastern time). And then in the late evening, I read this. Honestly, I really do think many whites would kill Blacks if given a chance. But thank goodness for court laws and the such. You can’t tell me Whites don’t think Blacks are inferior. I lived this in America.

    And now to hear this! It doesn’t make me happy, its the same thing (hate) just reverse.

    All I can say is that we are certainly living in the “End of Times” era. Only it should have been written “End Of” times. As in lots of things are ending: Monsato is trying to end real, non-hybrid seed, Corporations are trying to end the ‘incandescent light bulbs’ the one light bulb that doesn’t seem to have sickening effects on a person. and Muslims are trying to end life (in a nutshell), and now something is trying to end human unity.

    Its great and good and needed to post this info., to blog about it, etc. But if good doesn’t DO something, evil will win. If we stay reactionary to every bad thing that happens, like if our job is just to jump over the hurdles like a game of race eventually we’ll get tired. Offensiveness is crying out. She’s saying, “Let me loose upon the enemies! Let me save my children!” But who will put on her shoes? Who will put on her boxing gloves? Even I am scared. (although I think if I had a plan, I’d be less scared…)

  5. In every country in Africa the blacks have discriminated against the whites and forced them out, South Africa is following the same pattern but not allowing the whites who are fleeing to take anything with them.

    FYI, this situation was predicted in the 1980s and all of the liberals said it wouldn’t happen.

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