A highly significant video from Iranian TV

For many, little of what is said will be surprising. But to see it all laid out as specific strategy in one go, on National TV, by a very high ranking and influential person is quite another thing.

Those of you that feel as I do, that this is significant, please forward this link to as many people as you can and doubly so to anyone in Government from bureaucrats to politicians.

First, the speaker:

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi is a member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in Iran and a famous ideologue and Islamic theorist in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  His lectures are aired on IRIB Channel 1 after the Friday Prayer every week.  In his televised speeches titled “A Model for Tomorrow,” he addresses a variety of issues including Iran’s foreign policy.

On Friday, September 23, 2011, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi attended a gathering of Iran-Iraq War veterans and offered a plan for the country’s current and future foreign policy throughout the world.

I will post the complete transcription of the video below the more bar.

The following is an excerpt of his lecture aired on Friday, September 23, 2011:


Similar to the past when our operational units were deployed to the western and southern borders, our forces today must get ready to head towards North Africa, eastern Asia and the heart of Europe.  We must get ready for global operations.


We’ve become old, but the next generation must be brought up such that they are ready from this day forward.  In the next 3-4 decades, they must go to help and free their Muslim brothers in northern and southern Africa, eastern and central Asia and the heart of Europe.  It has become an international effort; the revolution has been exported.  We said it repeatedly that the revolution will be exported.  Now, it is happening.


Our fellow fighters are present in all five continents of the world and are fighting against exploitation and imperialism everywhere.  Preparations for the Coming [of Mehdi, the twelfth Imam of Shi’a] must be made.  An international Jihad must be provoked; we must fear no one.


United States and the West bomb, loot and occupy without reservation anything, anywhere and whenever they please.  They even officially announce that they are coming.  Then they do come.  If we quietly say that we are going to provide moral support to our brethren in Iraq and Palestine, they holler that we are interfering and are terrorists.


No, sir.  We must decisively provide support.  They announce their intention to occupy quickly; we ought to declare our anti-occupation efforts swiftly.  We have a religious duty.  The Islamic revolution of Iran is the mother to all Islamic revolutions.  Imam [Khomeini] from the beginning stated, “We will export our revolution, and Iran is the second home to all religious fighters worldwide.”  These are the exact words used by Imam.  Don’t you recall?


Imam said, “We must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem.”  We will do this and are doing it.  If they said that we can’t do it, tell them, “we have done it so far.”  The victory in Lebanon or Gaza is case in point.  We’ll do the same with the rest.


We must stay alert.  They quickly announce their intention to occupy; we declare our intentions to stand by Muslims and the oppressed all over the world.  All this is written in our constitution clearly.  Unfortunately, after Imam, in the 2nd and 3rd decades [following the revolution], some wanted to reduce tensions with the West and imperialists.   What do you mean you want to reduce tensions?  Did Imam reduce tensions [with the West]?


Imam talked about the war between the rich and the poor, the battle between the tyrants and the deprived, the fight to set Muslims free.  He said that we wouldn’t allow them to continue to benefit from us.


In a matter of seven months, four Arab governments have been overthrown.  No kidding!  Hopefully, a few more will fall in the next 3-4 months or years.  We must prepare ourselves for a global conflict.  Those working in intelligence and underground subversive operations must get ready.  Instead of going to the border regions, fighting fields are all over the world from now on.  We must get ready to head to Latin America and eastern Asia to fight, go to central Asia to set our Muslim brothers free and head to the heart of Europe.


In the same way that everything changed in Lebanon and Palestine when our forces arrived at Lebanon.  When they arrived at Bosnia, events changed there and in the Baltic region.  Muslims in Bosnia were being defeated until our forces arrived.  The message from our revolution and martyrs and the style of our Jihad brought about a turn of events.  When our forces went to Lebanon, Palestine and Gaza, new developments took place.


Everyone says that Iran was behind the resistance [war] in Gaza.  Even the Prime Minister of Israel stated that an Islamic Republic was formed next door in Lebanon and then in Gaza.  After the most recent operations, an Islamic Republic will be formed in Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula…


Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFw_bkkf0z8&feature=player_embedded#!


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11 Replies to “A highly significant video from Iranian TV”

  1. They cannot stand the idea of man operating with his own laws – according to these arrogant assholes they instead insist that YOU and I will be governed by the pagan mood-god (Ba’al), commonly known as Allah.

    Gently supporting Palestinians… by threatening to kill Israel. OK.

    The rhetoric is Stalinist (“imperialists”), as if his damned jihad is anything but. Geeze you’d think they could come up with something a bit more original.

    Now this is a Koranic mandate, Islam BY DEFINITION will never stop their war against the world until we stamp it out. They insist it’s to the death, and so let’s pray that they get their wish, but it will take some resolve on our part to make their dream come true. You can look back through history and every effort by the West to bring them to their senses has failed. Every time it reverts back to the chaotic depotic cesspool of sharia. Learn about Napoleon’s efforts in Egypt in the 1790s – nothing’s changed. Each effort has the same result, with Turkey now being the next country to go back to the default position, which is that dar-al-Harb, us godless infidels, must submit or die.

    We dealt with Nazis. Now it’s time the world stops deceiving itself and deals with Islam.

  2. “Iman talked about the war between the rich and the poor, the battle between the tyrants and the deprived, the battle to set Muslim free”

    No Sir; you got it all wrong! There never was any battle to set them free, just the word, as in the beginning! It is and was all in the mind. You see, slaves are often more dispictable than the tyrants. In fact slaves have a tendency to worship tyrants, and if they did not have a tyrant they would surely invent one, for want of the need to worship. And so it follows that tyrannies cannot last except only among the servile. The whole idea of the “Arab Spring” proved that much!

  3. [Imam said, “We must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem.”]

    God has made His response known, through the prophet Ezekiel (38 /39).

    The invaders will be destroyed, and the Jews will have the task of locating and burying them. islam is doomed.

  4. so now there is no excuse for the left and apologists for islamic militancy to hide behind.
    they have been told by an authority on islam what exactly is intended.
    now the west must prepare for war.

  5. “…our forces today must get ready to head towards North Africa, eastern Asia and
    the heart of Europe. We must get ready for global operations…”

    Clear as glass. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Iran intends war. Islam intend war on infidels. They must be stopped!

  6. Prepare for a global war, one that the left will resist, this is a war of survival that we must win if we are to remain free, or in some cases regain our freedom.

  7. @Dallas. It’s a shame your navy didn’t stamp out the barbaresk pirates once and for all little over 200 years ago when they had the chance. If they could have seen 200 years into the future, I think their decisions could have been different.

  8. Yeah Robin it probably would have been different, it would be different now if the left hadn’t managed to gain enough power to tie all of our hands.

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