Some links and news.

Seventh man held in terror probe. (UK)

“It is understood the investigation relates to suspected Islamist extremism…”

Pictures that make you go, ‘Hunh?’


Perhaps most importantly, at least to Canadians, this story from Blazing Cat Fur showing you can never be too crazy, too antisemitic or too cozy with Islamic extremism for the Canadian left.

Academia Today: University of Lethbridge Congratulates 911 Troofer Student On Staff Appointment At Holocaust Denial Rag


Then, of some real importance to Malaysians…

Malaysia: Deputy prime minister says country not ready for amputations, stonings under Sharia — yet -Jihad Watch



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  1. I’m a student of the University of Lethbridge and I know of this wanker. He harangued Peter Mansbridge with conspiracy theories when Pete spoke at the campus. There is also YouTube footage of him harassing a CBC reporter.

    Thankfully, I overheard some classmates commenting about how whacked out he was. There’s some hope at least, and the Meliorist got a strongly worded letter from yours truly.

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