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6 Replies to “Come visit the beautiful, formerly Italian, Isle of Lampedusa”

  1. They’re risking all because they know starvation awaits them at home. The predictions now are that the Egyptians are coming bec. the Arab Spring will be –in about 2 months — the Arab Autumn Famine. Already ppl don’t have enough to eat.

    And the Chinese are buying up all the wheat for their ppl.

  2. congratulations to the Italian Police,….time to show that in europe we have a law, we have our style of life,….send back those animals to the islam paradises..

  3. They have ruined the civilisations and races they conquered and replaced, and like any parasite, the Arabs and other moslems, must move on to a new, fat host. But they bring with them the mental AIDS, the ideological disease that is Islam that will reduce the new host to the same, starving carcass that they are trying to escape from.

    Mozlems are ideological AIDS carriers. The European Union, if it is to be anything at all, must be a Union of Europeans, a Caucasian Union.

  4. @ shaunantijihad, I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER!
    I governments can’t get rid of this problem, because of political correctness, freedom of religion or democracy, then……..THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO RISE UP !

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