The Tundra Tabloids receives the following report from Gandalf on the real reason behind the French ban on Muslim street praying in France, and the low turnout in Muslims defying it. The French government is funding the building of a mega mosque on the same corner where they’ve turned out to pray for years. Talk about a shake down and politicians lying through their pointed teeth about it, all on the taxpayers dime. KGS


More news about Muslim street prayers

[Actually it’s a 2 building center, same project but separated in 2 different buildings (one mosque in each).]

French govt rented a former firemen barracks and gave it to muslim orgs to use as a “Friday mosque”. Most of the muslims use this place now during friday payers. Only a small group of salafist provocateurs were in the streets last friday (around 200, no big deal).

The trick is they have already won, because the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, will build next year a mega islamic center (with 2 mosques inside) with taxpayer money (28 million €) so they just have to keep low profile till they got their new mosques. Muslim leasers called for appeasment, they want their mosques!

So everybody is happy. The muslims because they’ve won, and our dhimmi gov’t won because “they have solved” the street prayer issue. A-holes. Needless to say that renting a building 30000€ per month to a muslim org is forbidden by our law, no one seems to care though.

It’s a sad story when your country rejoices on a defeat, it’s becoming a habit concerning Islam lately.


  1. there must be hundreds of mosques lying empty all over the countries they left”for a better life”,why dont france claim them and sell them?you know,the same way as they are selling france to these uneducated, freeloading, hateful followers of the death cult?
    just a thought.
    when the civil wars start in europe,at least we know where to find the enemy,they are in government and in opposition,slowly we are finding out who has been helping fill our countries with potential murderers child rapists(forced marriage)and superstitious bullshit merchants of a failed”religion”.
    tony blair and his muslim loving friends will one day have to answer for this act of treason.

  2. I would have preferred to solve the problems with water-cannons, SWAT-teams and tanks. Then a one way ticket back to point of origin once the arselifters has been rounded up and sorted out. How hard is that to do? Oh, I forgot, they need to grow a backbone first. Sorry about that. My bad.

  3. As I said in a previous post the only thing wrong with the Western nations is weak leadership, no Western nation has a strong leader.

  4. Instead of “praying”why are they not looking for work?,is that also against their”religion”?it seems to be the case in UK.However,i have a foolproof plan to make sure they dont have to bang their heads off the dirty streets of paris any longer;TAKE YOUR FILTHY “RELIGION”BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM WE ARE SICK OF YOU UNWASHED UNEDUCATED BACKWARD CLOWNS;FUCK OFF AND TAKE YOUR MURDER MANUAL AND YOUR HATE WITH YOU AND BLOW EACH OTHER UP AND LEAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD TO LIFE WITHOUT “THE RELIGION OF PEACE”……….YOU HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR COUNRIES.

  5. I’m an ex-muslim atheist since more than 7 years now
    i really hate how the west deals with those ppl…u treat them better than Islam itself..
    all i wanna know is whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…they hate u they wanna kill u…why u give them shelters!!! here in Egypt and alot of islamic and arabic countries they dont let churches ring their bills and NO NEW CHURCHES SHALL BE BUILT UNLESS A SIGNED LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT PERSONALLY!!….I WAS A MUSLIM AND I KNOW WHAT ISLAM IS ABOUT i really get sooooooooooooooooo ffing furious from u europeans….so STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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