Cheryl Cole ‘now an al-Qaeda target’ after Afghanistan trip

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Daniella Graham – 19th September, 2011

Cheryl Cole ‘now an al-Qaeda target’ after Afghanistan trip

Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud fame is now a terror target of al-Qaeda after her recent trip to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, fundamentalist cleric Anjem Choudary has warned.

Cheryl Cole afghanistan Fundamentalist cleric Anjem Choudary said Cheryl Cole’s trip to Afghanistan was ‘outrageous’ (Picture: Ministry of Defence/PA)

The Girls Aloud singer has just returned from visiting British army members at Camp Bastion, where she took part in a mock battle and enjoyed a ride in a Sea King helicopter.

During her visit Cheryl praised the work of troops, telling the Daily Mirror: ‘I always had admiration for what the guys do out here, but seeing them here at work is awe-inspiring.

‘I’m delighted to be here to recognise all the hard work they do. Every one of them is a hero in my book.’

But while the former X Factor judge proved to be a hit among the armed forces, Islamic extremists have warned the high-profile visit has made Cheryl a target for terrorists.

Extremist cleric Choudary – who earlier this month led anti-American protests during the minute’s silence for 9/11 victims in London – said she would ‘only have herself to blame’ if she was killed.

Cheryl Cole twitter Cheryl Cole has brushed aside the threats by enjoying a Girls Aloud reunion (Picture: @nicolaroberts/@cherylcole/Twitter)

He said: ‘I find it completely outrageous that Cheryl Cole can go to Afghanistan and start praising the soldiers when thousands of innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered by the Americans and their allies.

‘She has put herself in great danger by being such a high-profile visitor to the region. She will only have herself to blame for the repercussions on her.’

The Sun also quotes Choudary as saying: ‘The more she is seen as the sweetheart of the forces and the more she is involved in Afghanistan, the more she will create enemies among the Muslims.

‘High-profile figures are not beyond the reach of al-Qaeda and the mujahideen.’

Cheryl has not commented on the threats, but yesterday seemed unconcerned by the reports as she enjoyed a mini Girls Aloud reunion with Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.

While Nadine Coyle was unable to attend, the rest of the girls posed for a Twitter photo together with Cheryl writing: ‘Love my girlies <3’

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  1. is unaccetable that the muslims threat every body, imãs from europe and america support those kind of actions,….it’s really necessary starts press those guys, we normal people, ordinary citizens must start beat them, press them, if necessary killing them….a pacific away to resist is throught in their houses, mosques, chops, pigs heads, dog cheat,….

  2. So now Mr. Choudhary has graduated from carefully phrased incietement to carefully phrased threats. Seriously, he is makes the britains look like complete cowards.

    There may be a reason this poorly veiled threat is made against a women. Not for nothing but he left his wife “to fight jihad”. A jihad that incedentally and by sheeeeer coincedence obliges him to be surrounded by fit young men.


    I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but if you look at those guys its kind of obvious. Choudhary is definatly choosing them for membership based upon looks. But hey it’s his organization and he can do who- I mean what he wants.

  3. This piece of excrement still resides in the UK? He isn’t forcefully removed from European soil? C’est à se taper le cul par terre.

  4. ‘Might have known that Choudary would crawl out from under his stone and start spouting his usual satanic rubbish. It’s about time this slug of a man was sent packing to Afghanistan himself, where he can enjoy himself sucking Taliban dick ’til the camels come home.

  5. The left has made the entire west so “civilized” that we are afraid to defend ourselves, of course the ordinary people are starting to move and that means that in the long run the west will win.

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