Sweden: Imam calls to kill converts on Radio Sweden

From Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe 14 September 2011

Sweden: Imam calls to kill converts on Radio Sweden Via Dagen (Swedish): “It is the duty of every Muslim to kill those who leave Islam.” This statement was made on Radio Sweden recently when an Imam from Rinkeby (Stockholm) was allowed to speak about how people should act against Somalis who convert to Christianity.

The program with the death threats against converts was broadcast by the Somali department of Radio Sweden and was a follow-up on a previous segment about a group of Christian Somalis who came to Rinkeby Square to evangelize. They also got to talk about it in the radio report.

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  1. @Richard. Unfortunately we are drowning in political correctness. The cultural marxists control all important media outlets here. They suppress all dissent to multiculturalism and pislam. Sweden is no longer a democracy but a democrature on it’s way to become a full fledged dictatorship.

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