Walsall man arrested for wearing balaclava dons burkha to court

Now this is interesting. It seems that the UK has abandoned logic, reason and law in favour of a state based on Monty Python and Franz Kafka.

From BirminghamMail.net

A PROLIFIC thief arrested for wearing a balaclava and gloves arrived at court in a burkha to protest his innocence.

David Holmes outside Cannock Magistrates Court

Posing for pictures outside Cannock Magistrates Court, Walsall man David Holmes said: “I’m not against the burkha, it’s the principle. Why can I wear this and not a balaclava?

“It’s the same thing. The police only arrested me because of my previous convictions. They are abusing their powers,” he added.

The 30-year-old construction worker was asked to remove the Islamic garment by the court clerk as he entered the dock.

He was subsequently found not guilty of ‘being equipped for theft’ after magistrates accepted his defence that he only wore the balaclava to annoy police.

The court heard that Holmes, of Beechdale, Walsall, was arrested just before midnight on July 20 after being spotted on CCTV cameras in Cannock shopping centre in a balaclava and gloves, accompanied by a male friend.

Police chased the two men through the town centre but only managed to catch Holmes.

He was not found to be carrying any tools, such as a screwdriver or hammer, associated with burglary.

Holmes said he purposefully wore the balaclava to antagonise police who had been “harassing” him since he was released from prison in May.

The seasoned convict, who admitted before court that he had been charged with around 60 offences during his lifetime, had been most recently serving a 16-month jail term for conspiracy to burgle.

He said that since his release, police had raided his home twice, stopped and searched his car five times and repeatedly knocked on his door at 4am to make sure he was not breaking his curfew.

“I was even stopped on my way to court today,” Holmes told the court. “It’s caused my a lot of stress.

“I wanted to get back at the police. It’s common knowledge there are at least 30 CCTV cameras in Cannock so I deliberately walked around there in a balaclava.

“I didn’t think I’d get arrested. I thought they’d stop and search me and then let me go.”

Finding Holmes not guilty, chair of the magistrates bench Hirendra Ravel said: “We cannot be sure beyond reasonable doubt that you intended to commit a theft.”

In a dramatic twist, the expectant father was re-arrested as he left the court room, on suspicion of stealing cigarettes from a shop in Cannock.

Speaking from his home later, after he had been released on police bail, Holmes said: “I’m a big bloke and every time a big bloke is caught stealing on CCTV, the police arrest me. It wasn’t me.

“I’ve told them I’ll happily go in an ID parade. It’s harassment. I’m putting a complaint in to police.”

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3 Replies to “Walsall man arrested for wearing balaclava dons burkha to court”

  1. Slightly OT

    We have to get this sort of news from Russia. The BBC is now the new Radio Moscow.

    RT: Multiculturalism has failed, say European leaders. But what are the actual consequences of that failure?

    KAS: If by multiculturalism you mean people from southern Europe, Germany, northern Europe, Hungary, Poland, Russia, all European nations, living together, then no, it has not failed. There is no problem at all.
    The problem is with the Muslims. It’s not the people who constitute the problem, but Islam. And Islam comes with Muslim people. They build active groups that promote Islam and advocate the establishment of Sharia law. And Sharia law, particular its criminal section, is absolutely impossible for European relationships. We have religious pluralism in Europe and not a single religion is dominant. But Islam is the religion that tolerates another religion as long as it has no power.


  2. If he was wearing a balaclava, how would the police know it was him if they were intent harassing him? If you also run away from police, doesn’t that raise more red flags as to your intent, again as the police are unable to identify you until you are caught?

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