Skipping lunch for Islam

One of the projects I keep back-burner-ing over the past four years, is an Islamic to infidel dictionary. There are so many terms Muslims have, probably quite deliberately, adjusted the meaning of so that they mean one thing to Muslims and quite another thing to unsuspecting infidels. A malevolent example might be the term, ‘Justice’, which of course to the rest of humanity means a rational and balanced result from an action. One all would have to admit made sense and could be lived with by everybody concerned. The Islamic meaning of justice of course, means that an area is ruled by Muslims in accordance with the sharia.

For a truly unimpeachable demonstration of this, please see the spell binding movie, ‘Farewell Israel’ available on and elsewhere. This film also shows a number of other terms which have been rendered deceptive by traditional or orthodox Islam.

This isn’t to say that all Muslims, for example, use the word ‘marriage’ the way Mohamed did when he slaughtered the Jews of Yathrib and general area, then raped the wife of one man after slaughtering him and her son right in front of her, then, deciding he liked the way she looked, he raped her repeatedly but performed a ceremony first, so that was now ‘Marriage’ as far as Islam was concerned. Millions of Muslims meet a person and marry them with the normal (to us) procedure. I am saying that orthodox Islam claims that Islam’s founder, Mohamed, was a ‘perfect human being and to be emulated in all ways’ and therefore, for truly religious and devout Muslims like Osama Bin Laden, this would be his definition of marriage and also for millions of others. But not all, and certainly very few in Western countries.

But what inspired me to write at least something on this very-important deformation of language is the notion of ‘fasting’. Now Muslims make a  great deal about the month of Ramadan and how they have to fast. In fact, actual Western governments have issued instructions to the public and police to be extra polite to potentially cranky Muslims, and police have even been told not to eat to avoid aggravating the already hair-trigger sensitivities of the religious Muslims. But what aggravates me is the use of the word ‘fast’ to mean what any Western person would understand as, ‘skipping lunch’. Frankly, most busy executives fast more in a year than Muslims do without even thinking about it as a ‘fast’ They just don’t have time for lunch. Muslims in fact, gain weight during Ramadan. Try explaining that one to Gandhi.

Fasting for a Muslim just means that they can eat a giant stack of pancakes and beef sausage so long as it is before the sun is up, and any sides they can think of, and then once the sun sets they can eat a whole sheep if they want to.

Here is a page dealing with the rules of fasting but as Islam is a fairly fetishised set of practices, it deals mostly with what invalidates the fast in the eyes of ‘Allah’ and mostly deals with how and why one ejaculates if it is during the day. You can ejaculate all night long as well if you want too I believe. Also you are S.O.L. if you are bulimic. Food coming out voluntarily subtracts from your score just as food going in would. I say subtracts from your score because true to the form of a fetish, the Islamic deity actually runs an abacus for all Muslims keeping a tally on how many times you say PBUH after mentioning his avatar, and how well you fasted as all of these may move you closer to the front of the line to the Las Vegas brothel that is the Islamic afterlife.

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