Media maps Oslo terrorist’s internet links

From European Son
Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik’s “spider web of hate” was revealed today by the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian says it has analyzed the websites Breivik linked to in his manifesto, and those websites which linked to it. The interactive map, with nodes showing links between websites, is comprehensive — perhaps too much so. Unpredictably… continue reading!

5 Replies to “Media maps Oslo terrorist’s internet links”

  1. The map shows he was far more motivated by Europian Nationalism (114 sites) than anti jihad (only 14 sites).

    They mixed the islamic sites in with “other”. These should have been a seperate set as it was islamic terrorism he was inspired by. It should have been it’s own group.

    And as to the maps general accuracy- They list O’Reilley’s site as “other” rather than main stream media. While I would certainly describe that obnoxious goon as an “other” (as in responsible jornalists, qualified experts, AND OTHERS), his show is on Fox and that makes it main stream media (unfortunately).

  2. This is what I wrote to the list of Emails at that address:

    There are a lot of allegations your organization makes
    or an irrational fear of Islam?

    Pew Research poll:
    “Among Muslim Americans,
    60% say they are either very (31%) or
    somewhat (29%) concerned about the possible
    rise of extremism in the U.S.”

    are Muslim Americans Islamophobic as well or are you just not listening to them?

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