The more back to basics a Muslim goes, the more extreme he or she becomes. So reforming Islam which means getting back to basics means producing more fundamustards like these two numbskulls. KGS

H/T: Henrik Raeder Clausen

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[There are estimated to be 30,000 Muslims, who abstain from voting for people on choice. Right now working on getting democratic Muslims to stay home from the polling stations.]

TV: I am a Muslim extremist – but love the words of Pia Kjærsgaard

Ektstrabladet: Up to 10,000 extreme Muslims refuse to vote in Denmark –’ve met two of them. Here’s why they love Kjaersgaard and hates democracy

– I love Pia Kjærgaard’s words. She said democracy and Islam can not go hand in hand. She’s right. She’s right. DF is right. It is totally the way it should be understood, says the energetic Adnan Avdic in an interview with his Muslim friend and companion of faith Ali Salim.

If you ask Adnan why he has more respect for Pia than the other candidates who are far more conciliatory towards the Muslim settlers, he explains:

– Because she is honest. Kjaersgaard is honest. Why? She says straight out, you are the enemies of Islam. She does not like Muslims. The others wrap it. We know where she stands.

Fear Allah

Pia should neither expect Adnan’s or Ali’s voices or extra help in distributing DF-brochures. For while they share, according to Adnan, a fundamental viewpoint, but that means to fight each other, not sharing.

– We are out in the streets to tell people that they should not vote. They should fear Allah, says Adnan.

So far we have managed the two salifister to 300 Muslims who voted at the last election into not voting this time. Additionally, they had 300 scheduled first-time voters to stay home on the couch, assesses Adnan and Ali.


  1. How can leftards milk this cow dry? They might try to pull a Dinesh D’Souza on Ms. Kjaersgaard. However, anyone knowledgeable of the basic tenets of mahoundianism will never let themselves be fooled by this kind of nonsense.

    It’s not that Ms. Kjaersgaard “agrees” with those so-called “extremists.” She only happens to be a politician who, like Geert Wilders, Oskar Freysinger, Allen West and a few such others; and, unlike Tony and Cherie Blair, David Cameron, Dutch queen Beatrix, Gordon Brown, David Dhimmiliband, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, George W. Bush, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Mona Sahlin, Job Cohen and WAY TOO MANY others, isn’t ignorant of what true islam is really all about.

  2. All these implications when the population expands are obvious reasons why seperate islamic schools should not be funded and made easy for these groups in all our Canadian cities, because if the funding doesn’t exist, then only small numbers will attend, and the majority attend regular schools, ie Toronto, and in these cases attempt to change the system to meet their psychotic prayer needs, but if we are intelligent and strong enough to create legislation that protects the education of young people in our society based on rule of law not religion, that allows them to grow and evolve within the contexts of a free democracy, then we can hope for more integration. These islamic schools are at the root of the lack of integration, and the mosqueterias are one example of this lunacy in action. The values taught every day, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, for 12 years, combined with the mosques, and the severe home conditions…….what is happening in malmo, dearborn, and other places will soon happen anywhere there is a growing population,
    What is being done at provincial and municipal levels to prevent this? NOthing, because bureaucratic imbicles can not perceive any implications, they can barely be cognizant of present awarenesses, let alone abstract….ho hum

  3. I have always said that the radical Moslems are the ones who want to change Islam, the jihadists are simply following their religious duty.

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