Home Front Command warns of looming multi-front war

From The Jerusalem Post:




09/05/2011 21:26

Maj.-Gen. Eisenberg reveals that Hamas used new advanced rocket in most recent attacks against Israel.


Noting an increase in the chance for a multi-front war, OC Home Front Command Maj.-Gen. Eyal Eisenberg revealed on Monday that Palestinian terror groups used a new and advanced rocket in their attacks against Israel during the recent round of fighting in the Gaza Strip.

“After the ‘Arab Spring’, we assess that a winter of radical Islam will arrive and as a result the possibility for a multi-front war has increased including the potential use of weapons of mass destruction,” Eisenberg said during a conference on the Home Front at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

IDF to simulate missile attack on Dimona nuclear reactor

Eisenberg revealed that during the recent round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip, a new weapon was fired into Israel. “We discovered a new weapon and as a result we instructed the public to take extra precautions and to seek cover under two roofs and not just one,” Eisenberg said.

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3 Replies to “Home Front Command warns of looming multi-front war”

  1. I don’t know how the war has held off this long, and yes it would be a multi-front war, plus Israel is not facing the classic Arabic Armies of the 1967 war, Hezbollah stood and knocked during the last incursion into Lebanon. The Syrian forces are right now receiving combat experience and will perform better then most people think. The Egyptian military is fairly well trained and should perform well, the last time Israel and Egypt fought Egypt performed beyond everyone’s expectations.

    Those are the known, knowns. The unknown unknowns are, What will Turkey do? They have the second largest military in NATO, and they are well trained and well let. The NCOs and Officers know their jobs, but will they be ordered to fight Israel or not? What will Iran do? Will they attack using WMDs? Has anyone given Hamas or Hezbollah bio or chemical weapons?

    Always remember never underestimate your enemy and never expect them to perform the way they did in the last war, this isn’t 1967 and the war won’t be a replay of 67.

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