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7 Replies to “British Muslim group posts countdown clock to 10th of 911”

  1. Disturbing and thought provoking. It could be a warning, an act of soft non violent terror or gloating, or it could be all three.

  2. How many videos celebrating mass murder has the EDL produced?


    “It could be a warning, an act of soft non violent terror or gloating, or it could be all three.”

    It is also further proof that the British authorities are contemptable cowards.

    They try to prevent the EDL from demonstrating because it might lead to violence (from the UAF and Muslims but that apparently is not an important point to the government) yet permit someone who actually is a right wing fascist goon to engage in direct incitement.

    If they permit Chowderhead to insult britains with every breath he steals from the british taxpayer (he lives on government charity), then they must permit those who disagree with him to publicly voice their opinions too. He has demonstrations so britains who deserve to breath british air should be allowd to hold demonstrations too.

  3. The British government pay him almost ¬£30,000 per year to spread Islam and breed his little jihadis. But NOT to pay your enemies to destroy you would be r-r-r-racist and we can’t have that can we?

  4. Anjem Choudary, the advocate of the grooming and rape of young and underage British none muslim girls. Anjem Choudary, the work shy sponger of the British tax payer. Anjem Choudary, the biggest pile of pig crap that any civilised person could have the misfortune to meet. People like him have the nerve to call a pig unclean when they themselves fall far below the status of a pig. A pig is more advanced than that piece of slimey nasal mucus.

  5. this is well out of order! they’ve banned the EDL march on saturday! yet the muzzies can put this piece of hate on the net! where the fuck is the justice going in Britain going! nfse!!!

  6. ben69
    The E.D.L. is a protest group carrying out their right of peaceful protest. The B.N.P. on the other hand is a legit registered political party that mainly canvasses for support using legal roadside stalls. Although the E.D.L and the B.N.P. hold many of the same political views they are not allied. But both are constantly being harrassed by dark forces who are trying their best to stifle their opposition to the established political order.

    One of the nasty little organisations that the e.p.o. use is the U.A.F. (Unite Against Fascism). These nasty little pieces of crap are as bad as Rohms Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. They use phyisical violence and intimidation to undermine any opposition to the established political order just as the Brown Shirts and S.S, did in Nazi Germany, and they have the nerve to call themselves anti-fascists. The fact is that the U.A.F. is the biggest fascist organisation in Britain today.

    It’s interesting to note that David Cameron was one of the founder members of this cess-pit organisation, so much for his ideas on democracy. Needless to say that the U.A.F. is allowed to get away with a lot more than it should. But what can we expect from a fascist organisation that is backed by the likes of Cameron who is pro E.U., pro mass immigration and anti anyone who have their roots firmly founded in this country.

  7. Cameron is salivating for the day Turkey joins the EU.
    State benefit/family allowances are still paid to polygamous wives and their kids so long as the Muslim men responsible married the extra wives overseas and not in the UK.
    Britain is doomed.

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