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2 Replies to “An interesting story from the Turkish press. If anyone speaks German”

  1. The author is proposing they set up an independent Turkish state in Germany. The comments though are interesting — the young people of Turkish origin are telling him essentially to get stuffed, as one puts it “what we know of the ‘homeland’ comes from 1001 Arabian Nights,” another notes that her turkish language ability is embarrassing and she considers herself German and another comment says that the parents and grandparents fled the ‘homeland’ for a better life and if you don’t like the life in this country then you are free to flee somewhere else.

  2. If a Turkish-statelet were to emerge inside Germany, as is the case with all mahoundian countries, its black-cube worshippers would do their best to leave it for more advanced, prosperous and civilized infidel lands.

    As I’ve seen quite a few people say it by now, if islam is so wonderful, how come there is not a single muslim country where muslims actually want to live?

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