An interesting story about San Francisco and totalitarian impulses.

I have no idea about the veracity or quality or agenda of this site. I am still uncertain as to the events that took place a week ago in San Fran. Hopefully some readers who are familiar with this story can flesh out the obviously missing details. I will post the first little bit here but please click through for the whole story and if you do know anything, please place it in the comments.

This is a disturbing trend and might well be a full chess move away from a government by the people and of the people, and towards an us Vs. them relationship between the government and the people.

Big Brother Shuts Off San Fran Cell Phones

August 13, 2011. San Francisco. The news caused many Americans to do a double-take. They just couldn’t believe what they heard yesterday. Official statements from San Francisco city officials either contradicted themselves at best, or pointed to the tactics of a dictatorship at worst. Either way, the city of San Francisco has just brought the US into the international world of government crackdowns on peaceful citizen protests.

Protestors prepare to hit back

The trouble all started on July 3rd of this year when San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit police shot and killed a 45 year old homeless man named Charles Blair Hill who was allegedly throwing objects at officers before brandishing a 4-inch pocket knife. With much of the area’s citizens outraged by the actions of the police, coalition groups have been organizing marches and other coordinated protests in response.

One such protest was scheduled by a handful of activists for Friday at the very same BART station that Hill was killed at. On Thursday however, the day before the organized protest, cell phone signals throughout four downtown San Francisco BART stations went completely dead. With no protest activity in sight, obviously nervous city officials began taking to the airwaves to explain their actions to outraged commuters. By midnight, the blowback had reached national media outlets where networks like CNN and Fox News pressured San Francisco BART representatives for credible answers.

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