That ‘Allah’ guy really loves his blood and explosives.

This is harsh video. Just be warned. It clearly was taken by the Taliban to show how without mercy and full of savage violence they are, as they speak about their god and sating his lust for blood, Muslim or no. It is interesting to compare the actions of the Taliban with the Canadian rules of engagement, rightly or wrongly, in Afghanistan where enemy terrorists or our own soldiers are triaged the same in our own hospitals there.

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  1. The west discovered that if you were at least semi-civilized to your enemies and captives them your enemies would treat their prisoners the same way. This worked fine as long as the wars were between western nations, when other cultures got involved they had different ideas about the value of the lives of their soldiers and often see no reason to follow the Geneva Convention. We on the other hand continue to follow it, partially because we don’t want to be monsters and partially because we don’t want our home grown leftists to scream war crimes more then they already are.

    Personally I wouldn’t want to sink to the Moslems level but I also realize that the Geneva Convention says that if the people you fight aren’t wearing uniforms, didn’t sign the Geneva Convention and a couple of other outs I forget. (It has been along time since the classes on land warfare) In the above circumstances you don’t have to follow the Geneva Convention, but like I said I wouldn’t want to sink to the Moslems level and neither would most Westerners.

  2. Richard you are right not to want to sink to the Muslim level. But I am kinda glad that there are other players besides Westerners in this game. And they are Chinese, and Burmese who take no bullshit from Muslim prisoners!

  3. Islamo Negroism there is a difference in taking no bullshit and sinking to there level, certain interrogation techniques that are banned should be allowed, and ROEs that are stupid should be changed. Waterboard them? Fine with me. Use the technique of forcibly stripping them and having a woman look at their crotch and snigger during the questioning? Fine with me. (A Gestapo man this was used on said the would have rather gone through the physical torture he used on his victims.) Have a woman pretend to be (or possibly actually be) menstruating doing the interrogation? Fine by me. Hell for that matter if you want paint the captive with pig fat or lard during the interrogation, fine by me.

    But you don’t want to descend to the level of rape and castration or child molestation as a routine tool of war. That is what I meant by descend to their level. Long term physical torture for the sake of torture is counter productive and actually harmful to long term discipline and unit cohesiveness in your forces.

    Watching the new video I can’t believe they are using a recoiless rifle as a tool of execution! Talk about over gunning you target, this is massive overkill.

  4. They did this thing for the sake of their religion.

    It further proves they are without the human capacity for compassion, sympathy or empathy. Even predatory beasts have those qualities.

    Every member of the MSA should have their eyes glued open and forced to watch this. Their masters want a world where everyone thinks like the men who did this thing.

  5. On the upside, they did this to dissuade others from cooperating with Nato and the UN and if this video is new, the fact that they used such a dramatic method indicates that they are faring badly in Afganistan, rather than just waiting for a draw down. There was a recent news article about a town that mobbed a local taliban leader and stoned him to death.

    My personal feelings about rules of engagment and the geneva convention relating to Islamic terrorists and insurgents is this: If their heads aren’t on pikes they have gotten more than they deserve.

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