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5 Replies to “Pat Condell: Europe needs a revolution”

  1. As good as Mr. Condell has been he has outdone himself this time. About as concise, incisive, and thorough an exposition of what ails Europe as will be found anywhere. This one, could it be arranged, should be made to go viral – everyone everywhere needs to hear this and assimilate it.

  2. The EU is dust no matter in what direction it moves.

    It cannot solve the problems it has created, from the economy to thirdworld/muslim immigration. Because to solve them is to dissolve the EU. So in can only make the problems worse and that too will be the end of this anti-democratic monster, because europeans are losing money and security. Fast!

  3. Both of you are right, all of Europe are in a revolution fighting to regain your freedom from the Marxist left, just as the TEA Party in America are fighting a revolution to restore our rights.

  4. My post on Youtube:

    I love your video but I might sound like an extremist here but “democracy” is what got the western civilization into this mess. It supposed to be a republic not a democracy.

    Democracy = populists (which caused more evils than any other form of government in history. Yes, even greater evils then Theocracies (Islam and Christians combined)

    A real Republic = which is based on laws and fundamental beliefs influenced by the public

  5. OxAO you are right, the US is suppose to be a representative Republic and not a true democracy, true democracies are mob ruled places that fall into chaos followed by tyranny. Republics fall into the same but slower and then because the representatives stop listening to their constituents and start thinking of themselves as a ruling class. Britain is further down the latter path then the US but we are on it and will suffer if we don’t reverse course.

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