Ezra Levant takes on union ‘state’ TV, the CBC.

I wish I had the words to properly express my delight that someone has actually had the raw courage to expose the CBC for what it really is and take them on. I put the word, ‘state’ in single quotes because it isn’t really state TV. If it was, it would have a bias towards whatever government was in power. The CBC is leftist TV and despises conservatives, doubly so when they are in power.

As we see from this clip, CBC doesn’t even know how to handle someone challenging them. They take their sanctimony and their position as the official and rightful manufacturers of Canadian opinion so for granted that they simply don’t know how to handle anyone who might think they do not have an actual divine right to 1.1 billion a year of tax payers money and exemption from all the rules private broadcasters have to observe.

Thank you Ezra Levant. This is an idea that is so overdue, which makes it all the more refreshing to see someone take it on. Non Canadians may not appreciate this the way I do. But I so desperately want to see the CBC either privatized, or made into a genuinely public broadcaster like that TV station in LA where anyone can have their own show so long as they volunteer for five other shows and the state just pays for the maintenance of the equipment and space etc.

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5 Replies to “Ezra Levant takes on union ‘state’ TV, the CBC.”

  1. CBC like NPR and PBS is a leftist propaganda organization that the taxpayers are forced to fund, which in itself is evil. You don’t force people to pay for propaganda they don’t agree with.

    Of course they are afraid of being ask questions, they don’t know how much the reproters know and are afraid of being caught in a public lie. Which is not really understandable since they lie all the time.

  2. Saw the show – Excellent job by Ezra. The CBC should be scared. Their ’empire’ is beginning to crumble and I can’t wait for their demize.
    Privatize – Privatize – Privatize

  3. Non Canadians may not appreciate this the way I do.

    Come over to the Biased BBC website. You’ll see that some non Canadians know this problem only too well.

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