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2 Replies to “Brian Lilley & John Robson On The Effort To Normalize Pedophilia”

  1. I would like to see the national/racial background of all those doctors and psychiatrists who are promoting this disgusting thinking…….
    Why were our laws changed to allow all the first cousins to marry in Canada, was it anything to do with all the immigrants who come from places where this is normalized, and once they get into this country their values creep into our country and changes occur before we are even able to realize the implications
    In this western culture as we modernized through decades we gradually increased marriage age, for instance, my great grandmother married the first time at age 13. In India child brides are very common, and a child of 8 to 12 being married off is today outrageous to the mind of westerners. In many islamic countries, and these practices may very well satiate the peodophilic urges that are cultivated as part of various cultures, where their religious leaders sanction and condone child marriage, which is a form of pedophilia, however, if we begin to move down this slippery slope by decriminalizing abhorant taboo cultural behavior, we move backward not forward.

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